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At CryptX, we create solutions that meet our clients’ unique challenges. We realize that operations vary depending on business type. That’s why we study every case in detail and use a customized approach.


Today, more and more e-commerce platforms realize the need to sell in cryptocurrencies. However, it is not as easy to do as it sounds!

In order to accept payments in coins, an e-commerce site needs crypto wallets. But most wallet sites support only one or a few different coins. This creates both an inconvenience and a requirement to integrate with several different types of wallets, which complicates day-to-day operations. And considering the instability of cryptos, volatility risks arise. Nobody wants to lose their income overnight!
At CryptX, we came up with a solution for these challenges. Using our API, e-commerce stores can integrate with CryptX and receive income in more than 100 cryptocurrencies to one wallet site. Moreover, our Auto Swap feature can be used to secure cryptos in stable coins and avoid crypto volatility risks.



Crypto exchanges often have to spend extra resources on developing thier own built-in cryptocurrency wallets to simplify trading on their platforms and make it more convenient for their users.

High security and supporting a large number of coins is crucial. The development process is very time and resource consuming.
With more than 100 supported coins and cutting-edge security, exchanges no longer have to develop wallet software from scratch. They can integrate with CryptX using our API service and focus on their primary service.


Crypto ATMs

Coin diversity is one of the most important determinants for success. Thus, crypto ATM networks generally need several different wallets, which complicates daily operations. Another factor is maintaining liquidity. But with crypto volatility, it can be very problematic and risky.

We provide crypto ATM networks with an effective solution. Using our API service, they can integrate with CryptX and manage 100 coins from one wallet site, thereby simplifying their day-to-day operations. Additionally, ATM companies can monitor operations, get detailed reports and transaction statements, and finally obtain a clear picture about their performance.
And, with Auto Swap, crypto ATM operators can automatically exchange cryptos with preset rules and limits, and maintain liquidity with minimal crypto volatility risks.


Online Casinos

The global trend speaks in favor of the fact that cryptocurrencies are an ideal option for online casinos. They eliminate the inconveniences associated with fiat money and come with substantially lower fees. Bitcoin will soon replace all other currencies online!

That is why we offer online casinos our solution: They can integrate with CryptX, and not only receive client deposits in cryptocurrencies, but let them withdraw the winnings as well.
With the CryptX Auto Swap feature, they can fix their income in stable coins such as USDT according to preset rules and ranges, and avoid crypto volatility risks. And, by using our API, online casinos can fully automate their crypto payment system.

CryptX is the simplest way to manage digital assets, and we can find a solution for any type of business involved with cryptocurrencies.
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